Special Offers
Every month we’re happy to offer you a different selection of really great money saving offers, if you’re new to bird feeding what better way to start! Don’t forget Bird Feeders make great gifts too! To take advantage of any of the offers below, simply click on the "Add to Basket" icon to purchase the product.

This Month's Offers
"No Waste" Feeder Mix 20kg - £26.00 !!

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"No Waste" Feeder Mix 20kg only £26.00 !!
A freeflowing wild bird food mix with the shells removed to ensure maximum uptake, minimum waste and less mess! Ideal for use in feeders. Contains sunflower hearts, chopped nuts, maize grits, red dari, small oat groats, white dari and cut wheat.
(Normally £36.00)
Special Offer Saving - £10.00! Add This Offer To Your Basket

Sunflower Hearts 20kg - £27.00 !!

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Sunflower Hearts 20kg - only £27.00 !!
A real gourmet treat, the ultimate in sunflower seed, loved by all songbirds. No waste, no discarded sunflower shells to clean up afterwards! Although dearer than black sunflower, the lack of waste makes sunflower hearts a value for money wild bird food.
(Normally £32.00)
Special Offer Saving - £5.00! Add This Offer To Your Basket

Premium Mix with Suet Pellets 20kg

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New to the Bird Table, this is a superb mix with a great introductory offer of £5.00 off!!
An ultimate husk free wild bird food with added suet pellets,suitable for all year round feeding.Contains Sunflower Hearts, millet, peanut granules, naturally occurring wild seeds and much more!
(Normally £34.99)
Special Offer Saving - £5.00! Add This Offer To Your Basket

Peanuts 20kg - £32.99 !!

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Peanuts only £32.99 for 20kg!!
Energy packed and with a high calorie content, a nutritious wild bird food. All our nuts are guaranteed afflatoxin free.
(Normally £37.99)
Special Offer Saving - £5.00! Add This Offer To Your Basket
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