The Birdtable's Online Shop
Welcome to our shop. Here you can browse an extensive range of products from wild bird food to bird baths, easily accessed via the Menu Bar to the left of the page. Each category contains a helpful introduction and an invaluable "Handy Tips" option that gives advice on how to make the best use of your purchase. All of our wooden products are sourced from manufacturers using well managed, sustainable
timber resources. Numerous products for sale in our shop are endorsed by the British Trust for Ornithology and, as is stated on the accompanying labels, the Trust receives a percentage of the purchase price of those products.

How To Order
Ordering couldn't be easier, next to every product you will see an "Add to Basket" symbol, simply click on this and fill in the required quantity. To checkout, view or alter the contents of your basket, select "View My Basket" option, which is displayed on the menu bar on the left. If you do not wish to order online select the option to print your order and post it to us.

How To Pay
Online - We accept all major credit cards, and purchases can be made online using our industry standard secure payment technology, details of which can be found in our security policy.
By Fax - If you wish to order by fax, please still use the shopping basket to select your purchases. At the checkout you will find an option to print out an order form. Simply fax this along with your credit card details to us using the number shown.
By Post - If you wish to order by post, please still use the shopping basket to select your purchases. At the checkout you will find an option to print out an order form. Simply send this along with your cheque or credit card details to the address shown.

Delivery will be made within 4 working days and is 1.99 on all orders exceeding 20.00. For orders below 20.00 a charge of 2.99 will be made.

The Bird Table Guarantee
If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, inform us within 7 days and as long as the goods are in their original condition we will replace them or credit you in full within 30 days, whichever you prefer. We will however only be liable for return delivery costs if the goods have been returned to us because of damage or quality problems.

If you have any queries regarding our products or service please do not hesitate to contact us.....our contact details can be found in the "Contact Us" section on the menu bar on the left of the screen. For more detailed terms and conditions please click here

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