Green Woodpecker - Picus Viridis

Green Woodpecker
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The Green Woodpecker is our largest native woodpecker (bigger than a Blackbird) and has green mantle and wings, yellow-green rump, and whitish underparts. The crown and nape are red, with black marking around the eye, and black moustache. The moustachial strip in the male has a red centre.

The juveniles are spotted with black on the
underparts, and white on the mantle and coverts. Their call is a loud cheerful laugh, or "yaffle".

The nest is built in a hole in a tree. Breeding starts in late April and consists of 1-2 clutches of 4-9 eggs.

They are a woodland bird and feed on insects, but are often seen feeding on ants on the ground or garden lawns.

Many thanks to British Garden Birds for the information on this page.