Bullfinch - Pyrrhula Pyrrhula

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The Bullfinch is a heavily built finch with a black wings and cap, and a white rump. The male has a grey back and bright red breast, belly, and cheeks. The female has a brown back and pinkish-fawn underparts, but is otherwise similar to the male.

The Bullfinch is a quiet bird that usually spends its time among the branches and dense undergrowth of woodlands. In keeping with its
quiet nature, the Bullfinch's song is a quiet warble.

Bullfinches usually nest in shrubs or bushes. The nest, which is a loose structure of twigs and moss lined with fine roots and hair, is built by the female. Breeding starts in April-May and consists of 1-3 clutches of 4-7 eggs.

Bullfinches usually feed on insects, berries, seeds, and buds - its liking for the latter has made enemies of some gardeners.

When they visit the garden they usually take seed from a hanging seed feeder or suet cake.

Many thanks to British Garden Birds for the information on this page.